What Candy Really Does

May 30, 2017 | | Comments Off on What Candy Really Does

This is going to seem like bad news to some but this is good information to know. Most people enjoy candy. It is a delightful, sweet treat and it makes us feel good… for a little while it does. When you take a look at what a high dose of sugar does in the body, you may begin to think twice. Moderation is fine, but when you catch yourself making a habit of consuming candy, you will need to start thinking about some biological facts. After all, you are not just feeding your brain, your body has to metabolize all that sugar and this is where the problems start to come in.

The most anabolic (building) hormone in the body is insulin. Insulin will build muscle, bone, fat, skin, and anything in the body. When you consume high doses of sugar, your body responds by releasing insulin. This interesting and important hormone is very good at storing fat. So, when your insulin levels are sky high from eating candy, you are very prone to put on fat. Considering that most sugary candies do also have fat, all of it goes straight to the hips and other fatty areas of the body. This is what happens biologically.

Furthermore, a consistent load of sugar into your body will cause you to become less sensitive to insulin. This is bad because it is how diabetes starts. After years of exposure to high amounts of sugar and insulin, the body dials it down so it doesn’t have to receive as much of those things anymore. Then you are stuck with some metabolic issues that make weight loss that much more difficult.

Be wary about the amount of sugar you consume. Look into natural sugar alternatives like stevia and xylitol. These can be very good tasting and do not cause spikes in blood sugar or insulin.

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